Iodine Poetry Journal

Volume XV, No. 2
Fall/Winter 2014-2015






Robert Abbate
Missing Twin
Empty Urn

Barry Benson
At the 1961 Ankeny Relays

Susan Berlin
On This Filthy February Morning
Museum of Sadness

Gabriella M. Belfiglio
Don't Look Back

Jennifer Jackson Berry
The Disintegration of the Animal Collectors

Emilie Bilman
The Market
The Window

Halcyon Aura
The Clearing

Scott Blackwell
One Brick at a Time

Gary Blankenburg
The Morning

Mary Gage Cavell
Detour Route

Patty Cole
By Autumn
Suffer the Children

Lynn Ciesielski
Expanding the Universe

Barbara Conrad
Best to Leave Creek in the Woods

Joan Colby
Writing to the Dead

Ivan de Mondrison
A Mute Child's Desire

Darren C. Demaree
We Are Arrows #139
We Are Arrows #140

Holly Day
In the Margins

James Deahl
In Praise of the Autumn Rose

Michael Estabrook

Craig Evenson
Playground Legend
Doppler Incident

Linda M. Fischer
The Dreamer is Blue Waiting for Some Green

Leila A. Fortier

Brenda J. Graham
Filled With What

DJ Gaskin
Only On Earth
Where the Words Have Gone

Cristine A. Gruber

Mel Glenn
Writing Small, Brooklyn Division

Jonathan Greenhause
January in the North

Patricia L. Hamilton
Exercising with the Elderly

Karen Paul Holmes

HC Hsu

Jamie Lynn Heller
The Inevitability of Touch

Thomas Kabdebo
As Tom Saw Him Sometimes

Debra Kaufman
Our Lady of Grief
The Southside Girls

Jim Kerbaugh

John P. Kristofco
Stained Glass

Stephen Malin
Learning, 1938

Bray McDonald
A Low Hard Place

Gene McCormick
He's a Rebel

Michael Minassian
Nano Heartbreaks

Janice Townley Moore
The Bad Luck Notebook

Cathy Moran
Autumn Light

Gary Metheny
Infinity Illuminated

Mark Parsons
The Beauty of Deep Snow

Anderson O'Brien
The Dogs of San Cristóbal

Robert Parham
A Place Like You

Steven Pelcman
The Good Wife
At The Window

Donna Pucciani
Together Apart
Leaving England

David Radavich

Marilyn Raff
A Criminal Offense

W.A. Reed
Blue October Ice

William L. Ramsey

Sally Arango Renata
At 21

Peg Robarchek
How the Bearded Man Saunters

Stephen R. Roberts
As the Crow Flies

Anna Santoro
fraternité, égalité, liberté

Greg Schmult

Laura Stamps
He Looks at My Name Tag and Blinks

Shelby Stephenson
Hot Dogs

Mel Trent

Kevin Sweeney
Mama's Boy

Martin Willitts, Jr.
Grandfather Clock

Dede Wilson
Finding a Doll at Low Tide

Bob Wickless
Moving Towards Morning, Moving Towards Light
A Pine in the Wind

Heather Hallberg Yanda
Fists Become Hands

Fred Yannantuono
Golf Shoes

Nancy Young
Four Ways of Seeing Through Glass