Iodine Poetry Journal

15th Anniversary Issue
Spring/Summer 2014










Gale Acuff
Original Sinner

Celia Lisset Alvarez
Maria's Sonnet

Jeffery C. Alfier

Carol Pearce Bjorlie
How to Get to West Texas

Joseph Bathanti
Shooting Pool With Samuel Beckett

A.S. Bean

J.S. Absher
A day in the life

David Chorlton
Towards Midnight

Maria Berumen-Hooyenga
The Barren Season

Jennifer Cunningham
What Will Be Left?

Brian Clifton
It Is Not The Lion That Eats The Soul

Jessie Carty
Little Men

Lisa J. Cihlar
Everything Changes for a Woman With a Bag of Wild Onions

Rob Cook
Job Hunting in Blairstown
Drinking During the Nights of Swamp Season

Suzanne Degni
Post Card Memoir
Utica, New York: January 1935

Torie Amarie Dale
Today, I Dream

Richard Dinges, Jr.
Dreams Echo

Cleo Griffith
Red Bull

Steve Cushman
Help Desk

K. Lauren de Boer
Midwest Reverie

Michael Diebert
In Your Show Business Dream
In Your Teaching Dream

Stephanie Freele
Root Beer and Religion

Joel Fry
Discovering the World

Carolyn Gelland
Hitching a Ride
Rossetti's Dining Room
A New Day

Jonathan Harrington

Calvin Green
Remembering Others

Lynn M. Hansen
Lundy Canyon Autumn, October 15, 2012

Nancy Haskett
Slip Shod

Richard Luftig
The Woman in Hospice Remembers Paris

Dennis Herrell

Annette Marie Hyder
Rain and Darkness Fall

Ron Jackson
Night of Thunder

David James
There is no Comeback

Mike James
Many Happy Returns
A Lobster

Tyler Johnson
Pyre on the Haw

Kathleen Jones
The Character

Antonia Alexandra Klimenko
The Travel Channel
Polishing Mirrors

Becky Kennedy
Reading Together

Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Father's Whips
Watermelon Rind Preserves

Arlene L. Mandell
Sapphire Dreams

Bob Lind
Watching My Girlfriend and Her Coworkers Bowling for Charity

Charles Lindblom

David T. Manning
In Tall Meadow Grass
The Vacation
Rest Stop

Errol Miller
Pea Soup

Sandy McCord
Clarity II

Preston Martin
Pulling Away

Kurma Murrain
America Seen by a Girl

James B. Nicola

Betty O'Hearn

Matthew J. Spireng
Low Moon

Robert Pfeiffer
At Thirty-three

Alan Michael Parker
In The Basement of The Museum
IOU A Love Poem

Diana Pinckney
After the Hands

Adrian Rice
As They Go
Back In
One to Another

Matthew Rice
What Happens

Paul B. Roth
Fire Inside

Gilda Mornina Syverson
There is
The Walk

Kayla Sargeson
Frida Kahlo, Punk Hero

Celisa Steele
Mother and Child
Horoscopes for the Angels
Soldier Comes Home

Marty Walsh

Susan C. Waters
As a Child in the Old Woman's Kitchen