Iodine Poetry Journal
Volume VI, No. 1
Spring/Summer 2005










Renee Ashley
Ars Poetica
Stars When I First Saw It

Therese Bartholomew
Autopsy Photos

Joseph Bathanti

Mark Bennion

Kathy Oliver Brown
London '63

Mark C. Bruce
Photo, Dee Bruce, Age 16, 1949

W.K. Buckley

Ken Champion

Bill Cowee
Findings By The Light Of Stars

Mary Crow
The Women Of Lijiang

Christopher Davis
A Fighter

John Davis
Fourth Quarter

M. Scott Douglass
In Camden, June 7, 2004

Thomas P. Feeny
The Dream Itself

Jack Foster

Merrill Gilfillan
Landscape With Shore

Jennifer Gomoll
Box Shadow

L.B. Green
The Sea We Imagine
What Is Light Without Shadow?

Cleo Griffith

Bill Griffin

**Amari Hamadene
Nights Vigil
Sorry Missiles
Sylvan Exoticism

George Held
Father Phil

Glenn Hutchinson
Cab Driving In Houston

Charles M. Israel
Requiem In Wheatland, Indiana

Ron Koertge
The Fighting Poets

Bruce Lader
Fragments Of War

David T. Manning

Deborah Mead

Christoph Meyer
Retirement Community

Sally B. Miller
The Lost Button

J. Andrew Morris
No Bargains Here

Kara L. Mottershead

Ione O'Hara
Seeing the Amish in the Ocean

Fred Ostrander
The Word

Stephen Page
Building a Beach House
The Grave Robber

Leslie M. Rupracht
Dead End

Gail Peck
Harry, Something To Blow On
At Pianicaldi

Simon Perchik

Allan Peterson
The World Told In Full

Louis Phillips
Today I Shall Write An Evocative Poem
Sometimes Standing On An Unfamiliar Station

Lisa Hammond Rashley

Elaine Reisman
The Transformation

Daniel Rosenberg

C.C. Russell

C. Pleasants York

R.T. Smith
My Funny Valentine in the Netherlands
Parade at VMI

Shelby Stephenson
Grading Tobacco: An Imposition
I Am The House I was Born In

Gilda Morina Syverson
Woman In Maroon
Gualtieri Sicamino, Messina, Sicily, August 1988

Davide Trame
After The Fireworks
Last Day Of School

Nathan Whiting
Hook Bent Or Straight
Given Stolen Energy

Fredrick Zydek
Living In Extraordinary Circumstances
Writing The Year's Last Poem

** Retraction

On May 22nd, 2004 I received an e-mail submission from Algerian poet, Amari Hamadene. I only take email submissions from Internationals simply because it is faster and cheaper to correspond. I was very interested and excited that someone in northern Africa had heard about Iodine Poetry Journal, so I read the work with great interest. I had no reason to doubt the authenticity of any of the work. I slated to publish it in the spring/summer 2005 issue, which is also the special Fifth Anniversary Issue. It is a historical issue at that, not only because of the occasion and its new format, but because it appears that Mr. Hamadene has plagiarized at least three of the four poems I published.

Right after this issue appeared, I mailed out contributorís and subscription copies, and almost immediately began receiving e-mails regarding the poems Hamadene claimed were his. After some careful research, Iíve concluded that the poems entitled "Nights Vigil" and "Sylvan Exoticism" are actually poems originally entitled "Vigil" and "The Orientalist" respectively. They were written by Ranjit Hoskote and appeared in the online magazine, Nth Position in December 2003. The poem entitled "Sorry Missiles" was by U.K. poet, Sean Street and was originally entitled "The Sacrifice" which appeared in Nth Position in November 2002. The dates, the content, the facts donít lie. Sincere apologies to Mr. Hoskote and Mr. Street.

I e-mailed Amari Hamadene, laying out what I knew and asked for a response, but Iíve yet to receive one. I found much of this information at . Itís difficult to understand why someone would do this, when the remuneration for poetry is generally publication online or copies of print magazines such as Iodine Poetry Journal. Iíll leave conclusions up to the reader.