Iodine Poetry Journal
Volume VI, No. 2
Fall/Winter 2005/2006










Robert Abbate
The Sufferance Of My Gaze

V.T. Abercrombie
Full Moon

Barbara Anton
Celestial Canvas

Carol Alena Aronoff
Surviving Autumn
No Mouth, No More
Woman In Red

Stan Badgett
Exit Music

Adrian Beebee
Empty Farmland Outside Northland, MN

Emily Benton
Blind Poet

Henry Berne
Persistent Memory

Cheryl Boyer
Dad's Hand In The Gunk Tank

Elizabeth Bridges

W.K. Buckley
Bad Rhyme Comin'

Gladys Justin Carr
To The Granite Shore

Alan Catlin
Chelsea - In Ice

Ken Champion
London (1952) gelatin silver print

Edith Cheitman
On Leaving Barnes And Noble

David Chorlton

Allan Douglass Coleman
School Of Crafts

Robert Cooperman
A Diner: Somewhere In South Carolina

William Doreski
Diamond Ledge

Janet Eden
My Trophy

Kate V.M. Ferguson
if I could re-do eight

Marta Ferguson
Flying Over Town

Michael A. Flanagan
inside of you

C.S. Fuqua

Erin Garstka

Zan Gay
Peterson, The Birder

Daniel Green
August In The Country

Lyn Halper
On The Edge

Jonathan Harrington
Become As Little Children
Incident In The Temple

Gayle Elen Harvey
Mirror In The Harlot's Belly

Antonia Hildebrand

Jnana Hodson
Crossing XVI

Charles M. Israel, Jr.
A Sacred Wind

Robert K. Johnson
After Receiving A Phone Call

David Jordan

Neil Gabriel Kozlowicz
Hr Stands

Mary Soon Lee

Lyn Lifshin
Morning Of The Red Bird

gary lundy
of imagination

David T. Manning
At The Party

John C. Mannone
Walk Along The Beach

John McKernan
Your Skull

Greg Moglia
Small Hotel

Paul Murphy

B.Z. Niditch
Vacation Hour

Fred Ostrander
The Cry
Who Is It?

Richard Peabody
Admitting Defeat

David E. Poston
Weather Report

David Radavich

S. Craig Renfroe
Dying Young

Marty Silverthorne

d.n. simmers
Growing Moon Tones

Richard Allen Taylor

David Vancil
American Blonde In Paris

John West
Landscapes, Portraits

Katharine Westaway
Sunrise On The Ocean, Sunset On The Sound

Terri Wolfe
When All Is Said

Michael Wurster
Red Cross