Iodine Poetry Journal
Volume VIII, No. 2
Fall/Winter 2007/2008










V.T. Abercrombie
The Corner Of Voss And Woodway

Lucie Adams

Kemmer Anderson
Ithacan Hearth Lines

Gay Baines
In Winter

Gabor Barabas

Michael Bassett
By Myself On Interstate 95

Thomas L. Conroy

E.C. Belli
The Sleeper

Doug Bolling
Keeping Watch

Michael H. Brownstein
Dearest Deborah

Courtney J. Campbell
between the giants of the sky
and the distant fields of sugarcane

Bruce Cohen
Cherries Out Of Season

Peter Cooley
Not At All About What I Thought

Phillip Corwin
Zagreb: Autumn 1992

Krikor N. Der Hohannesian
Winter Solstice

Glenn Deutsch
Nymphalis antiopa on an Electra Glide
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M. Ana Diz
Photograph in the Morning Paper

Thomas Dorsett
Science Tells Us That Storm Clouds Are Local

Carol Frith
The Man in the Piano

Phyllis Jean Green
For Your Quickness, for the Rest

Jonathan Greenhause
Iraq, from a beach on Coney Island

Valerie Hall
Institutionalization (or, I Live in a Jello Mold)

David Wayne Hampton
Trees Never Speak

Jason Hardung
We are God's Origami

Otis Haschemeyer
Camp Song

George Held
A Teacher's Lament

Charles M. Israel, Jr.

Brent Fisk
Influenza, 1918

Taj Jackson

Jane E. Kocmoud
Airborne Over the Grand Canyon

Jeanette Leardi

Steven C. Levi
honor guards come in multiples of seven

Richard Luftig
The Rocks at Midnight

Don Mager
Helping Verbs Work: Solutions to an Old Equation

Solution #1
Solution #2
Solution #3

Barbara J. Mayer
Drawing In Color

Eleanor Michael
Train Whistles

Kate O'Connor Morris

B.Z. Niditch
At Twelve Years

Patty Paine

Rumit Pancholi
Maharajah's Last Winter: December, 1995

Robert Parham
Marking the Field
Reading an Issue of Poetry at Three A.M.

Walt Peterson
After It Was Over

David Pratt
Juan de Fuca

Doug Ramspeck
Prairie Cloud

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr.
To Pot 8884 in the National Archaeological
Museum of Athens

Margaret A. Robinson
Waiting in the Dark for the Lab Report

Paul B. Roth
Another Last Moment
A Wakeful Sleep
Walking after Supper

Angela D. Stancar
Penelope's War

Ilene Starger

Susan Thomas
The Empty Notebook Looks at a Tree in Winter
Embarrassment of the Empty Notebook's Pages

John T. Trigonis
Pale Imitation of a Rusty Old Night Club Performer
War and Peace in a Mind that Knows Neither

Alice Toporoff Wallace
Da Vinci's "Ginevra De' Benci" (Encounter in a Gallery)

Jared White

Elia Robert Zashin
Lucky Day
Bourbon Bouquet
Fast & Natural