Iodine Poetry Journal
Volume XII, No. 2
Fall/Winter, 2011/2012

84 pages, $8



Jeffrey Alfier
Before the Redeployment

Luke M. Armstrong
Fortunately, Kites do not listen to Logic

Rebecca Baggett
At the Equinox

Mark Belair

Joan E. Bauer
After the Rain

Tyler Bigney
Without Us

Louis Daniel Brodsky

Bud Caywood

Lynn Ciesieliski
Nighttime Ride through the Woods

Brian Clifton
These Running Colors of a Scene

Ned Condini
I will not amputate a finger
Land of fire

Jessie Carty
Short Girl at the Theme Park

Robert Cooperman
He Can't Go Home Again

Aaron Culley
Way of Departure

Jessica Barber
Waiting, Weighting, Waiting

Frank De Canio
Guiding Tower

Arthur Gottlieb
History of Hunger

Beth Copeland
What the Body Remembers

David Wayne Hampton
Folding Clothes

Phebe Davidson
Almost, Light
Dry July

Holly Day

Dave Denny
News Item

Richard Dinges, Jr.
Winter Wind

David Harris Ebenebach
City of Oppositions

DJ Gaskin
Crow's Keep
Crow Speaks
Today the Raven
My Father Comes to Me in Wrens
The First Prairie Falcon

Patricia Hamilton
No Turning Back

David James
Why I Write

Irene Blair Honeycutt
The Hearse on the Interstate
Dell's Letter to God
Back When I Was Dreaming of Heaven

Peter Krones

Joanne Lowery
Angel as Porcelain
Angel as Superman

Tara Lynne Groth
How to Find Freedom

Joyce Meyers
Snowed In

Karen McKinnon
Six Degrees of Separation Squared

Michelle Miller
Zen Travel Plans

Michael Minassian
Blue Bodies Litter the Beach

John N. Miller
Winter Still Life on Cape Cod

B.Z. Niditch
At Milton Hill

Shauna W. Moser
After the Hatch

Gail Peck
Life's Work
Mya and the Moon

Simon Perchik

Scot Pope
Walking woods alone

Stephen Morris Roberts

Fred Rosenblum
Seven Days and Six Nights

Donna Pucciani
From Mud
Not Ready
Losing the Words

Leanna N. Stead

Sue Ann Simar

David Scheler
Salt-Mist Pines

Mark Taksa
Recollection's Lightness

Jo Barbara Taylor
On a Clear Night

Don Thompson

Ginny Thompson
The Feeling Life

Rodney Torreson
Kissing was Everything
Jeff Buckley Sews His Voice to the Seamless River

Earl J. Wilcox
A Journeyman's Soul

Angelika Quirk
My Annual Check-up

Morgan Woodham

Diana Woodcock
Not Born in this Desert
Whittling a Dream out of a Dune