Iodine Poetry Journal

Volume XIV, No. 2
Fall/Winter 2013-2014









Jonathan Barrett
Landscapes: Evening Twilight

Joan E. Bauer
Where Glaciers Scraped the Land

Terry Brix
288 Months Pregnant

Lynn Ciesielski
Autumn in Shades of Gray

D.J. Gaskin
Driven All Night
Density of Dreams

John Lynn Beck
Water and Stone
A Cup of Wine
After, a Black Dog

James Eret
First Robins

Kathryn A. Hack
Lost Child

Julie Ann Cook
Theology of Four-Letter Words: Eyes
Theology of Four-Letter Words: Envy
Theology of Four-Letter Words: Heat
Theology of Four-Letter Words: Time

Gianmarc Manzione

Roger Desy
a winter song

Brenda J. Graham
After the Leaving
Body Heat

Joel Ferdon
Rock Crick

Linda M. Fischer

Conrad Gurtatowski

Mel Glenn
The Russian Girls go Dancing

Brad Johnson
On Having Two Gynecologists in the Family

Tess Kincaid

Debra Kaufman
Cemetery, October
Why this desire

Melissa Hassard
I've Decided to Name Your Kisses

Michael Hogan
The Field

Deanya Lattimore

Mary Soon Lee
The Hardest Part

Joanne Lowery
For Two Horses, Standing

Bruce Lowry
The Seasons

Don Mager
September Journal #4
September Journal #5

Arlene L. Mandell
Fall Palette
First Fire

Gary Metheny
Sleeping in on a Saturday Morning

John N. Miller
Oh Shenandoah

Joseph Mills
The Question

Gene McCormick
Jack Daniel's, Green Bay & George Jones

Virginia Mohlere
We Named Our Grief Irene

Sally Stewart Mohney

John Marvin
Wallace Stevens by the Snow Man

Joyce Meyers
What they know

Ronald Moran
A Life Following the Life
The Last Poem
Dream Makers

Sheryl L. Nelms
Kansas Homestead in December

Scott Owens

Paul Sohar
Sudden and Reckless Peace

Simon Perchik

Charles Rammelkamp
Mata Hari Faces the Firing Squad

Dennis Ross
Perfect Mirror

David Radavich
Needs to be Said
Integral Calculus
Double Cross

Jim Ryan
Lost in Colorado

David Sapp
The Ice Storm
Beguiling Bomb

Crystal Simone Smith
Speed of the Years

Lynn Stanton
Eden on Hunting Island

Sarah Sullivan
A Stone's Throw

T.N. Turner
First Frost

Laura Grace Weldon
Nest Unmade

Alice Toporoff Wallace
War Materials

Eric Weil
Thanksgiving at the Beach

Thomas C. Wheatley
Amtrak 353 to Chicago

John T. Trigonis
At Closing Time

Peg Robarchek
My Neighbor's Husband
Monday Morning

Russell Rowland
Apparition of Wind Machines

Stephen R. Roberts
The Climb

Elaine Reisman
Ode to Beckett
The Sun Cracked in Half by a Hawk's Beak

Martin Settle
Poem to the Parents of a Stillborn Child

Nancy Compton Williams
The Still Point

Diane Webster
Outside Lines

Chris Waters
High Tide at Rome Point

Fred Yanantuono
I Love You