Iodine Poetry Journal
Volume IX, No. 1
Spring/Summer 2008









Robert Abbate: "Piedmont Suite"
Jeffrey C. Alfier: "Mapping the Migrant's Shrine"
Kemmer Anderson: "Reading Milton at Monticello"
Jackie Bartley: "Fulgurite," "The Earth is a Blue and White Onionskin," "The Oak Outside My Window"
Lucas Bernhardt: "Come With Me and We'll Sing"
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal: "Here on This Mushroom"
Rick Campbell: "Ransom," "Imaginary World"
Sandra M. Castillo: "Miami," "I dream of Spain"
David Chorlton: "Forest Texture"
Robert Cooperman: "What I Would Sing for the Romany"
Alan Catlin: "Georgia O'Keeffe's Desert Dreamscape #3"
Clint Crumley: "Late May"
Jim Douglass: "Black & White"
Deja Earley: "Upon Being Asked What Avocados Taste Like," "Summer Lightning"
Elissa Errick: "faltering and fault lines," "the best time for a first date"
Thomas P. Feeny: "Approaching Naples"
Linda M. Fischer: "Morning," "Hands"
Rebecca J. Foust: "Books for the Blind"
Bill Griffin: "A History of Sugar"
Marylen Grigas: "Prayer"
Cleo Griffith: "Constancy of Crows"
Marie Gauthier: "The Country of Want"
Maureen Ryan Griffin: "Fairy Tale Fancy"
Alan Harawitz: "Being There"
Maria Rachel Hooley: "Curator"
Kristina L. Horton: "Indian Maiden"
Robert Kendrick: "After a Thunderstorm"
Joan Payne Kincaid: "Another Long Island Summer"
Robert S. King: "Daydreaming at Rush Hour," "The Death of Magic"
John P. Kristofco: "Burning in the Night"
Sara E. Lamers: "Antigone"
David Lawrence: "Hospices"
Mary Soon Lee: "Halfway House"
Sam Magavern: "When First We Met"
David T. Manning: "No Assembly Required"
Brad Maxfield: "Above Banos"
John McKernan: "Why My Grandfather Walked to Nebraska"
Joseph Mills: "Standing in a Vineyard with a Winemaker Who Explains Some Reservations He Wishes Were More Widely Shared"
Ronald Moran: "English 101"
Paul Murphy: "La Loire"
Valerie Nieman: "Reflex"
Shari O'Brien: "The Fallen," "Without Daffodils"
Tim Poland: "Fishing, an Unnamed Creek, Somewhere, Perhaps Above a Waterfall," "Tonight, an Owl"
Connie Post: "Professorial Knowledge"
Allegra Jostad Silberstein: "Prospects"
Harold Quinn: "Storm Warnings"
Marilyn Ringer: "For Daniella Drunk on Lorca"
Louise Rockwell: "Jazz, John and Alexandra"
Marisa Rosenfeld: "On a Sunday"
David Sapp: "The Shovel"
M.A. Schaffner: "Greek Siding"
Anthony Seidman: "Pentecostal Neon"
Paul Sohar: "Street Ballad"
George Staehle: "Train Math"
Elizabeth Swann: " War Paint"
Richard Allen Taylor: "Open This Later"
J.T. Whitehead: "Eying our way"
Pearl Mary Wilshaw: "Ballade," "No Encore"