Iodine Poetry Journal

Volume XIV, No. 1
Spring/Summer 2013










Kemmer Anderson
Waking to Owl Sounds
Andromache's Watch

John Amen
what we really are
self-portrait in spring
self-portrait on 71st

James Babbs
Picking Cherries

Barry Benson
New Day Eyes

R. Steve Benson
Out of Nowhere

Ace Boggess
The Mask
40th Birthday

Ted Bookey
Everything Has Been Said

Alan Catlin
Views of Mt. Greylock from Herman Melville's Studio at Arrowhead

David Chorlton

Lynn Ciesielski
The Castle on Heart Island
The Burial

Joan Colby

Robert Cooperman
Cab Ride to Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn, New York

Lucille Lang Day
I Think of You When I'm Shopping

Deborah H. Doolittle

Mike Faran

Laverne Frith
Today I Rely
Perhaps It Begins With Reunion

Kenneth Frost
Scent of Flowers
Red Monkey

Joel Fry
When Dawn Appears

Stephen Germic
Weather Station

Brenda J. Graham
Star Party

Rene Hargrove
only two

Cleo Griffith
Whisperings on a Scenic Drive

Patricia L. Hamilton
The Geography of Memory

Thomas Alan Holmes
Some Kentucky Woman

Mike James
Down the Street from Us
Anecdote in a Grassy Field
What's Done and Not Done

Robert K. Johnson

John P. Kristofco
April comes again…

Peter Krones
First Light
A Last Poem

Neil C. Leach

Richard Luftig
In a Paris Park

Dorothy Blackcrow Mack
For Selo Black Crow, 1932 - 2006

Pat MacEnulty
Mashes Sands-Six Months Before Kitty's Death

Stephen Malin
Fans of the Southern Solstice

Michael S. Morris
At the Last Dance Salon

Kurma Murrain
Since You Are Gone

B.Z. Niditch
Cape Cod Rescue

Stanley Morris Noah
Ghost Town Visit

Gail Peck
Haystacks in Summer
Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass
Wheat Field with Crows

Donna Pucciani
Clearing Out
Honoring the Dark

William L. Ramsey

Doug Ramspeck
Wanderer Fantasy

Matthias Regan
All the Garbage the Sea Brings Ashore

Marzelle Robertson

Dennis Ross
Time Circling

Geo. Staley
On the Front Page of the Living Section

Mark Taksa
What Lasts After the Junk Bonds

Jean Tucker
Getting Papa Out of the Hospital
Smith-Corona at 2 a.m.

Sarah Sullivan
Hologram of a Four Poster Bed

Jose G. Vazquez
Blue Like the "F" Word

Nancy Compton Williams
Star Stuff

Dede Wilson
Trying to Sleep in the Butterfly Room
To the Powerlessness of Ink

Howard Winn
Daylight Saving Time Ends