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Genuine Energy Solutions

Genuine Energy Solutions

Intelligent Energy Efficiency

Most facilities – even new ones- do not efficiently maximize energy use. Genuine Energy Solutions helps commercial and industrial customers retrofit targeted cost-effective energy efficiency strategies.  By leveraging market leader systems, clients can reduce operating cost, increase infrastructure reliability, improve carbon footprint, and decrease overall energy use.  Lighting and HVAC consume more than 75% of energy in most businesses zahnungsgel babys -  Genuine Energy Solutions maintains a constant pulse on new technologies to assist our clients with relevant information and viable solutions to the increasing demand to become more energy wise and operationally efficient. Turning to us for our services, you will receive a full range of development We develop our clients ' in all directions.

Why So Many Companies are Turning to GES?

  • Solutions Driven:  JOOM works to achieve client’s goals by bring performance driven solutions that incorporate market leading manufacturers of energy efficient systems while working as a unified team to deliver the best return on investment.
  • Integrity:  We provide comfort and security when you trust us with your investment.  We are a company that stands by our work and our word.  We say what we mean and mean what we say.  We define integrity as taking responsibility and accountability for our actions, honoring commitments by keeping promises and maintaining credibility by earning your confidence.
  • Customer Service:  When we agree to a project, we bring our best efforts every time to see it through to a successful completion.  We have developed and nurtured our relationships with the our clients by consistently exceeding expectations.  We feel that the key to our success is our customer centered focus.  We are determined to deliver solutions with the best possible results and exceptional quality while putting our clients satisfaction as a top priority.
  • Information Hub:  Continued learning is no longer an option.  It is an absolute must for the 21st century workforce.  We are committed to offering our clients the resources to keep informed with the changing market conditions, new solutions to energy challenges, pending legislation, rebate opportunities, special financing options, We want to learn from our clients and help them keep up with the fast paced evolution of energy management.
  • Personal Development:  We are committed to on-going education through industry-accredited programs and partnerships with national colleges, universities, and other dedicated research centers in our pursuit to maintain a high level of expertise.
  • Impacting the World around us:  We take this edict personally.  If we are not for change then what are we?  If not now – when?  An energy crisis is upon us and everyone’s usage of energy is going to change either by choice or force.  Energy efficiency is the quickest path to creating additional energy.   It has been estimated that the US can increase its energy supply by 30% by better utilization of existing supplies and resources.  We must change the way we view energy, use energy, and produce energy as demand continues to grow globally.  WHY NOT NOW – GES determined to help with changing corporate and personal energy usage behavior.

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