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Hydropath Technology

Hydropath Technology

The difference  between  Hydropath   Technology   and    other   physical   water   conditioning technologies is our induced signal and its ability to continuously condition the liquid solution throughout an entire system. HydroFLOW’s water conditioners induce an electric signal of ±150kHz into any water pipe on which they are installed salbe und creme wundheilung (metal or PVC).

The electric induction is performed by a special transducer connected to a ring of ferrites. Just as an electrical wire carries current from point A to B, the water inside the pipe acts as a conductor and  carries  the induced electric signal throughout the entire water system. The oscillating sine waves of the joom signal cause the positively and negatively-charged ions to form suspended clusters in the water, preventing them from attaching to rough surfaces. Testing shows that compared to other technologies, Hydropath Technology is many times more efficient and effective. We have developed this technology based on the needs of consumers It was very effective.

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