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How It Works

Simply put, the Evaporcool™ System makes your air conditioner perform as though it is cooler outside than it actually is, while at the same time keeping the coils clean.

Obviously, when it’s hotter outside, your air conditioner has to work harder to maintain a comfortable climate indoors. This is largely because air-cooled condensers take in outside air to release heat. If the outside air becomes warmer, it absorbs less of the heat from the condenser coils, forcing your unit to run longer and work harder. Evaporating chilled water into the airstream before it reaches your condenser coils, makes the air that enters your system much cooler and therefore puts less strain on the unit (lowering head pressure) which results in more efficient cooling.
Our patented Temperwrap™ water refrigeration process chills the water that is used in the evaporation process, without using any additional energy. A precise amount of the chilled water is then evaporated into the air through our maintenance-friendly JOOM system. This precision process is managed by our SmartSpray™ control box , which optimizes efficiency and conserves water by automatically adjusting the water dispersion in response to changes in the weather and the performance of the HVAC unit.

Another factor reducing the efficiency of anti akne salbe your air conditioner is coil contamination. Left unprotected, your air conditioner will suck up anything that comes across its air intake. Whether it is a plastic grocery bag, grass clippings from a freshly mowed lawn, cottonwood or corrosive elements in the air, or just plain old dirt, your condenser coils do not stay clean for long. Even a thin layer of dirt can make your unit run much less efficiently. Of course, cleaning a traditional HVAC unit requires long hours by experienced (and expensive) professionals using toxic chemicals, which not only are expensive and inconvenient, but environmentally harmful.

Evaporcool™ was designed with these problems in mind. Our proprietary EZ-Frame™ has been engineered with two long-lasting filter media, which catch dirt and debris before they get to your coils. Once installed, the EZ-Frame™ creates an air-tight seal around the condenser coil air intake, so that all incoming air is directed through the filters. Cleaning the EZ-Frame™ filters is as easy as brushing them off or spraying them down with a hose.