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EZ Frame

Finally, 21st Century Evaporative Cooling

The EZ-Frame™ proprietary framing system provides a unique mechanism for protecting unit coils and creating a cool, moist micro-environment in which air temperature is lowered as it enters the air conditioning unit. The system is the result of years of controlled testing and engineering innovation by mechanical engineers working with experienced HVAC technicians and product designers. The system is constructed from two primary components, a filter frame and a screen frame. The filter frame contains the water disbursement nozzles and the filter media. The screen frame is a pre-filter that is attached to the front of the filter frame to block larger debris from reaching the filter media.
The filter frame and the screen frame have been exhaustively engineered to protect your HVAC unit and provide optimal evaporation. Each component of the EZ-Frame™ is made of lightweight, high-strength industrial-grade plastic.

The filter frame is attached non-invasively to the HVAC unit using powerful magnets, which allows the entire assembly to be easily and quickly removed from the unit for maintenance and cleaning. The EZ-Frame™ filter is mounted approximately 2 inches off of the coil to ensure that no water transfers to the coil surface. The back of the filter frame contains built-in weather stripping to create a secure seal. The interior of the filter frame contains a continuous water channel, which allows for infinite nozzle locations. This allows individual sprayer nozzles (with differing spray angles, flow rates, etc.) and locations (within each frame) to be custom selected for optimum performance on a unit-by-unit basis. The filters are removable so they can be easily replaced in the unlikely event they become damaged. The screen frame acts as an outer cover containing a mesh screen. This assembly is designed to be easily removed for cleaning.