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Using Colder Water to Get Colder Air
The Evaporcool™ System doesn’t just use water, it uses chilled water. Using our patented Temperwrap™ cooling process, the water is chilled (without using any additional energy), before it is dispersed into the To chill the water, tubing is wrapped around the suction line of the HVAC unit. This process allows the water in the tubing to become cold through contact with the suction line which contains Freon. The wound tubing is then insulated to maintain the current temperature change as water flows through the line. While the system cycles between spraying and down time, the water in the wrapped tubing is cooled before the next spray cycle, when it will be evaporated into the air. The now chilled water is able to more effectively transfer heat from the air entering the condenser coil, resulting in a dramatic energy savings.